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Improving results
Improving results
Self healing power
Performance Improvement
Scientificly proven
Quick regeneration

Secrino-Ampli5 products

Secrino-Ampli5 products are available in Europe since 2010 Secrino products are worn by more and more people in their everyday life, our products are suitable for any leisure or work environment. Each one uses the energy product of Secrino in its own way .people use Secrino- Ampli5 products for their everyday needs. Whether it's jogging, gardening, sports or the rest. Secrino energy products are versatile wear.

Secrino-Ampli5 stands for strength, balance, endurance, energy and flexibility.
Our product can be used both by men and women of all ages and all physical abilities. Our customers are athletes or students  no matter what line of job your are in you can allways wear a Secrino energie product!

Try our products today and get our money back guarantee.
Maybe you call us next week and tell us what you use our products for or that you are satisfied with the products. Your feedback is always welcome to us.
Not a medical device within the meaning of the General Medizin our product are not a medical device within the meaning of that it is a medicine.

Therefore we draw attention to the following.
Secrino-Ampli5 products are not suitable to diagnose diseases, treat or cure!

If you are interessted in selling our beautifull products or you like to get mor information,

please contact us under:


Arnold Roelfsema

Steinbilderstrasse 9, 26892 Kluse Germany

T.+494963-9056942, M +4915750429954

e-mail to info@secrino.com


Together on our way to a energized future!