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Science In the great considered!
Our planet is surrounded by a large magnetic field. Assuming that more than 95% of the magnetic field is created inside the Earth . This earth's magnetic field to protect among other things our Earth from particles from out of space. If such particles, resulting for example in solar flares occur in the Earth's magnetic field, changes on  earth can be measured. This means that everything has a certain vibration.

Considered small!
Every object on Earth, whether alive or not has a frequency. Also the human cell has a frequency. Our body consists of about 100 trillion cells. Each of these cells has 10 high 25 reactions per second (equivalent to a computer with 64 GB memory). The cells form the organs and bones, with each cell in electromagnetic waves vibrate in the merger. Each organ such as the liver, the heart or the lungs has its own frequency of vibration, which means that current is flowing through the people, which is measured in Hertz (Hz). Brain cells can be measured for example by the electron electroencephalogram (EEG).

Vibration frequencies
All electrical devices in the home, in the apartment or at work such as for example lamps, radio, TV, computer, phone, and microwave ovens radiate electromagnetic vibration frequencies. However, these devices use frequencies that are incoherent and chaotic AC. This alternating current frequencies can destroy the human electric field or negative influence. A human body, which is located within his normal range of vibration, is in a State of health. The normally harmonious coherent vibrations of the body go out quickly if people are exposed to physical or emotional pressure (stress). But energy disturbances in the body can also understandably foster the emergence of diseases.
A blockage of energy flow is quickly noticeable. Diseases and inflammation may result thereof. In humans, the frequency falls below the standard, begin abnormal processes such as diseases to develop.

When diseases and illnesses occur, they often announce an imbalance in the body. This electromagnetic inequality is then reason that the specific vibrational frequencies of molecules, the cells, the tissue or the organs within the body were changed. If you now again brings back the body to its proper vibrational frequency, by newly informing the cells, it restores the harmonious balance.

"The impossibility of scientific evidence justifies the rejection of a way of treatment that has proven itself for centuries. The success decide value or demerits. One should not despise, what you don't know."
Manfred Köhnlechner

Research of the effect of the Energy drink from Global Impuls GmbH

(Bio information Technologie, BZI) on the performance (Bicycle Ergometer

Responsabele for his research:

ISIS, Institute for sport science.

Institute for sleeping medication and interdisiplinary sleeping reseach, Münster

Working Group:


Time of this research:                                             February till March 2015

Number of People tested                                       32

This Study did run under the number:                 NR.19/209/2/15-RSNH-1

Goal of this Study:

Object of Present study is a empirical evaluation off the effects from a Liquid on the preformance of Athletes. This study must show ,according to international rules, how far there is a achievement in the preformance of an Athlete connected to a Watt Control (PWC-value) giving them a special drink.

These should be researched using the methodes and applications of objective indicators.( according to  Wölk, Velden & Krug, 1993 and Wölk,Wölk , Velden Guevara,Nerger,Krug,Wittenberg, Marquardt, 1994, Tomczak 1998 ff)

Next to the first results of these tests (from the complet group) There will be antoher test in four weeks to see if there are any differents. These tests will be preformend  using a methode According to the standard used in athletes sience . ( Spiroergometrie Aeroscan). De Marees (1998).


32 Athletes ( 21M/11F in age from 20 till 38 ) took part on this study.

The test took place in a Studio while they where connected to a Watt Control.

The test subjects where not informed about the goal of the study.

they only new, that they where part of a athlete medicin test.


The instruments used to get the dates (areoscan, polar S 810 i) are used according to the international guidlines.

As Parameter where used: Heart Rate Variability (Polar 810i), Metabolism activity, Vsubmax, PWC (aeroscan), Extra a BIAmed impedance measurement ( BMZ, Phase angle according to Tomczak)

The results are calculated for every Ahlete and  are synthesized in average (pers) and average (ges).

 Epoch of the experiments for the complete group

0. Week                                             Pretest

1. Week                                             1. Test

 Protocol                                            32 x Protocol

 Adjustment                                       Study phase

Epoch of the experiments  Group A (randomized)

2. Week                                             2. Test

Protocol                                            32 x Protocol

Adjustment                                       Study phase

4. Week                                             3. Test


Protocol                                            32. Protocol

Epoch of the experiment Group B (randomized)

2. Week                                             2. Test

Protocol                                            32 x Protocol

Adjustment                                       study phase

4. Week                                             3. Test

Protocol                                            32 x Protocol

The training of the complete group did stay the same for four weeks, just like the food,and the general hydration.

Additional, all of the Ahletes became a “sportdrink” in a bidon 15 minutes before and 15  minutes after the tests.

1. Test                                                           Studygroup: Water

                                                                       Controlgroup: Water


2. Test                                                           Studygroup: Water with the syrup

                                                                       Controlgroup: Water


In consederation of the small group of Subjects tested ( Testgroup and Controlgroup 16 each) we did not use a inferensstatical evaluation. The results where descritive with standard deviation realized and presented.

Before research: acquisition of the results: The results of all of the test Subjects where used as 100%, this means that the deviation of these results  pro person where measured compared to these results.

During a preformance test these results where comprehanded. The test Subjects where radom choossen to be part of  Group A (Testgroup) or Group B (controlgroup) ( Randomized to Essing, W. 1985)

 In Group A (n=16)  where the results as following:

5 Athletes hat a far better preformance and 4 of the Ahletes of this group hat a better preformance than they did have without the syrup!

In Group B (n=16) only 2 Athletes had a better preformance.

The average improvement of the Testgroup (n=16) was 12,78% better than the controlgroup (n=16)


Results: Group A (n=8): 5 Athletes did show a far better preformance and 2 Athletes where having a better preformance

Results: Group B (n=8): just 1 Athletes was showing a better result. 4 Athletes did not show any progress. 1 Athlete did show a negative change ( Virus infection, one week)


The results of these tests do support the hypothesis of the progress of the preformance and regeneretion with a liquid, who was tretated with the BZI Technologie! ( Controlgroup water, Testgroup Water with syrup containing the BZI)