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How to order, simple and easy

How can I place an order with Secrino?

1.) Shopping basket  
Please choose the product you like to buy, if you push the button ‘shopping cart’ the product will automaticly be placed into your shopping basket.
Till the end of your purchase you can change or delay the product or just simply continue your shopping.
By pushing the button ‘proceed to checkout’ you end up in the next menu.

2.) If you are already a customer with Secrino you can easily order by entering your username and passwort. If your not a customer you can register yourself. Your privacy is in good hands with us. We will not give your data to any other company, and will only juse them for your purchase or, if you did describe to our newsletter. By pushing the button proceed you end up in the next step of your order.

3.) Billing information and payment, please do check or fill in your name address etc then choose your way of payment.

4.) Choosing your billing address and way of delivery, here you can choose the address you like us to send your purchse to (if this is not the same as your usual address). Also you find the shipping information here

5.) Order review, here you find everything you did order you shipping address and your contact dates, please take a look on them and check of everything is in order. Than please read our imprint and agree. By  pushing the button ‘purchase now’ you do place your order.