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Delivering the product

How to pay at www.secrino.com

1.We offer you several ways to pay for the chosen goods.


-Pay in front, you do pay for the products you did choose, and after we received your payment we send the product to you.

- Direct Debit

As soon as you order your product we charge (when you have given us permission to do so)  your bank account with the amount of  money you did spend.


You pay very simple by your paypal account.

-Amazon payment you pay with the same account you use to order at amazon.com


-You can come to us to collect your order, as soon as your order is completed you receive an email, when you do receive this email you can make an appointment to collect your order at our company.

2. Delivering

2.1 The delivering of the product will be done by DHL

2.2 We do ship worldwide

3. Shipping costs

3.1 For shipping within the EU we do not charge any costs!

3.2 For shipping outside the EU  we do charge costs, please ask us before ordering!

3.3 Please take care of the fact that in case we send products outside Germany, you might be charged by your local customs ( outside the EU ) which will be charged to your account!